Magento Extension for online payment

A website designed with Magento is mostly an online store. After your guests have chosen their products, they must confirm their orders, and then pay for their purchases.

Install a payment module on Magento is not always easy. For this, there is a Magento extension for online payment for banks CIC and Crédit Mutuel


(stable) Installation on Magento Connect

Secure payment solution for Crédit Mutuel and CIC.

Magento : the way to export products

When you own an online store that works with the Magento platform, you frequently add new products for sale. Make known a Magento store is not always easy, especially since the products you sell are not always exclusive.

To gain visibility, and to know your site, or sell your products, it is sometimes necessary to add your products in so-called price comparison sites.

It is sometimes hard to add your products one by one in a comparator, especially if you have hundreds or thousands … Imagine how long you should go to export a list of products on multiple comparators.

With Magento, it is possible to export a list of product directly to the comparators in the desired formats (XML, CSV, …)